SBPOA Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting is on September 3, 2017 at 11 am at 406 Bratten Way in North Swan (MP19.5) Please join us.  An incorrect mailing went out showing the 2016 date… please ignore and let others know about our annual meeting.  Immediately after the meeting we can continue discussions on the beach at MP17

Since our last annual meeting, the area has been busy–from litigation around commercial development (hotels) in Swan Beach and infractions of the UDO by new construction; launch of a new land use plan for Currituck County that will impact future regulations; efforts to move forward with an Education and Enforcement System for beach safety and crowding; fund raising efforts for a fire sub-station in Swan Beach; more traffic on our roads and right now more water; to collaboration of our community through our boards on all of the above.

The SBPOA Board of Directors has been active in all of these things and more.   One area of focus where we need more attention is letting folks know about SBPOA as we have a number of new people to our area.

If you are not able to attend our meetings, we understand and hope you will be able to continue to support our efforts as we try to protect the reason we invested in this area.


Approval of the minutes from the 2015 meeting

New Business

  1. Fire Station in Swan Beach
  2. Land Use Plan Update
  3. Education and Enforcement System

Old Business

  1.  Litigation in the Off Road
  2. Road and why Swan Beach is different from Carova and North Swan
  3. Membership and treasurers report

Election of Officers

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Commercial in the off road?

This week commissioners met in closed session to discuss the ongoing lawsuit by Swan Beach Corolla to rezone property in Swan Beach for commercial. The discussions in closed session are not public knowledge, however rumor on the beach is that they are moving toward settling the case instead of having it go through the court system to final decision.

We would like your input, especially those who own property in the off road, on what you want to do as a community?please send messages or leave comments here.

purpose  of Swan Beach Property Owners’ Association is to represent the interests of the members of the association by providing a forum for exchange/information sharing;  to protect and preserve the surroundings and environment in Swan Beach; to enhance the quality of life of the residents of Swan Beach; and to protect the enjoyment and value of Swan Beach for future generations.  We look out of the interest of our property owners and provide a link to local, state and federal agencies as needed to further the goals of our membership.

We seek to build a membership base, as well as a community in our area.  We look forward to you visiting this site and hope that you will join us in protecting our area and making it the best possible place for our members.  Please contact the Board of Directors with any questions or comments

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